"The passion that moves us forward is from
experiencing what Cancer really does to the ones we love.
We are driven because there is a hole in our soul
where once was the love of our dog."
Gary D. Nice


Canine Cancer affects one out of every three dogs.  Of those, over half of them will die of cancer. The National Canine Cancer Foundation is asking for your help to fund important research grants that are working towards improving those statistics. Through a major project funded by the National Institute of Health, the mapping of the genome sequence of the dog has been complete. Knowing the mapping of every gene in the dog, gives researchers an advantage not yet achieved in humans.

We're closer to a cure, now's the time to beat this cancer!

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National Canine Cancer Foundation to fund a new innovative Hemangiosarcoma (HSA) Research Project

- Thu, 19 Jun 2014 19:57:20 +0000

I have some new exciting news. As you all know we are always trying to find an new edge in the battle against canine cancer. And Hemangiosarcoma (HSA) is one of those cancers we would like to get a better handle on since it seems to end up being diagnosed too late to save the [...]

3D printed legs make disabled dog learn joy of running

- Sun, 21 Dec 2014 15:21:40 +0000

A pair of 3D-printed legs has sent a dog, born without front limbs, on his first ever run down a street. The video featuring the disabled animal happily sprinting into a normal dog?s life has won the hearts of millions on the web. Derby the dog, who was born with only small forearms and no [...]

Know The Truth Behind Dog Tumors Cancerous?

- Sat, 20 Dec 2014 15:28:49 +0000

One of the toughest things is finding out their pet is sick, specifically that their dog has lumps anywhere on their body. But there is no harm revealing the development to the veterinarian as soon as possible as the possibilities are 50% benign or cancerous, contingent on the type of tumor. To start with, keep [...]

Groundbreaking study aims to unravel canine cancer mystery

- Thu, 18 Dec 2014 16:35:11 +0000

It’s estimated one in three dogs will get cancer in its lifetime, according to the Canine Cancer Foundation. But veterinarians say the percentage can be even higher in some breeds, like Golden Retrievers. Experts are hoping to change that, and possibly uncover clues about cancer in humans, too. Lisa DeBurle and her husband are raising [...]

Keep your pet safe during the holidays

- Wed, 17 Dec 2014 17:13:14 +0000

Pet parenting can be as crazy as it is fun, especially around the holidays. Add the stress of hosting family and friends, and many pet parents end up ignoring Fido or Fluffy in favor of cooking a feast or wrapping last-minute gifts. So, how do you find balance between preparing for the holidays and tending [...]

Scorpion Venom Can Help Save the Lives of Dogs with Cancer

- Mon, 15 Dec 2014 16:53:07 +0000

Not only can scorpion venom make us sick, but one forward whip of the creature’s tail delivers a sting that strikes like flame. How ironic, then, that venom from a scorpion species known as the deathstalker is credited with prolonging the lives of a group of dogs, including three named Whiskey, Hot Rod and Browning. [...]

She Didn't Cry When Her Dog Got Cancer...She Did THIS Instead!

- Sun, 14 Dec 2014 10:32:29 +0000

Anyone who has had a pet pass away knows just how devastating it can be. Suddenly, one of your closest friends is gone. It’s especially worse when you know that they are sick or possibly suffering. Animals can’t communicate their feelings, and we can’t explain what’s happening to them. Riina Cooke, 32, was devastated when [...]

Dog lover spends more money for her dogs than her on Christmas presents

- Fri, 12 Dec 2014 17:05:40 +0000

A dog lover has spent an amazing 2,000 on Christmas presents for her pampered pooches. Stephanie Mariam, 21, lavished expensive gifts on her pint-sized Pomeranians, Harvey Moon, age 3, and Connie, age 2, from crystal dog collars and luxury beds to the ultimate dog’s Christmas dinner. Stephanie revealed she has spent more on her dogs [...]

Benefits and Disadvantages of Choosing the BARF Diet for Dogs

- Tue, 09 Dec 2014 18:08:36 +0000

Introduction: The dog BARF diet, biologically appropriate raw food, focuses on feeding your dog food that has not been processed and matches a diet that dogs ate before becoming domesticated pets. What is a BARF diet for Dogs? In an effort to provide their dogs with quality food, many owners have made the switch to [...]

Kermie the dog lives long enough just to see her dad

- Mon, 08 Dec 2014 17:27:56 +0000

This one heartfelt reunion that made me cry! Kermie the dog was diagnosed with cancer a month after her soldier dad, Eric, went away on an 8-month deployment. She was given only 2-3 months to live. But she hung on until, finally just before Christmas, Eric came home. The Best Gift! Kermie the Dog, battling [...]

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