Abby is awarded a certificate of courage for her fight of canine cancer

Abby and her certificate of courage

Abby and her certificate of courage

In December of 2005 Edward and Sharon Ostrowski adopted Abby, a female beagle, from a rescue in Illinois.  Abby was one of the many helpless animal victims from Hurricane Katrina.  Her years prior to the Ostrowski home remain a mystery; with numerous signs showing her life may have been a very rough road.  Abby settled into the good life enjoying cuddling with her new owners, playing with their 3 grandkids and her feline friend Minnie.  She is a very smart little girl and enjoys being the “owner” of her two human companions and all the comforts their home brings.

On Dec. 27, 2011 Edward called our clinic reporting that Abby’s gums around her lower incisor teeth looked inflamed.  This was the first sign that they noticed something was wrong with their little girl.  Biopsy results revealed cancer and further testing diagnosed Stage III Amelanotic Melanoma.  Edward and Sharon were devastated.

On Jan. 11, 2012 Abby underwent a Bilateral Rostral Mandibulectomy surgery at a specialty hospital, removing a portion of her lower jaw containing the cancer.  Abby is now currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments and despite all the hardships, Abby continues to be a trooper! She is able to eat well and has even learned how to chew her favorite crunchy treats. Abby had always been a familiar face at the clinic prior to her cancer diagnosis and with her more frequent visits now; she continues to melt our hearts with her sweet nature. With the loss of my own dog “Libby” to Osteosarcoma in the spring on 2010, canine cancer holds a special spot in my heart.

Libby the black lab who inspired Megan

Libby, Megan's black Lab who inspired her to do this project!

I discovered the National Canine Cancer Foundation on-line shortly after Libby’s passing. I presented an idea to my practice owner, Dr. Gerber, that we could give our cancer patients a pink paw collar tag along with a Certificate of Courage for their fight against cancer. “ABBY” is the first to receive her tag and certificate from our veterinary clinic.

Megan Niehoff CVT

Columbus Countryside Veterinary Clinic

Columbus, WI


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