Hope for missing dogs…

There is good news for all you folks out there who have lost their doggies and are now at their wits’end? Thanks to a Springfield-Greene County Health Department initiative. They have announced to launch a new blog for lost dogs. This would indeed be a blog with a difference. In case you are wondering how to go about the whole process, here is a quick look.

You can post the picture of your missing dog along with a brief description. Or, if you have come across any lost dog in Greene County, you can also post the requisite information on the blog or contact its owner.

Although this is a government initiative, the health department will not monitor the activities on the blog recurrently. The bloggers themselves will be responsible for getting in touch with people in the event of information about the whereabouts of their paw pals.

However, if the health department finds any missing doggy in Greene County, they will post its picture on their own website and not on the blog.

So, there is finally a ray of hope for all those dog lovers who lost sleep over their missing dogs.

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2 Responses to “Hope for missing dogs…”

  1. Amelia Johnson Says:

    Pet parents have an ache in their heart until their pets returns or they at least know what happened to their pet. We have a blog in our area too where people can post about missing pets. A couple that I know is hoping their pet has been found and is being kept by someone since he has not found his way home from the kennel where he escaped from a few weeks ago.

    From YourPetsView.com

  2. Gary D. NIce Says:

    Yes Amelia I absolutely agree with you. When our pets go missing it almost seems to be the end of the world. We can’t rest a while till they come back safe. So I really appreciate the efforts undertaken by people in tracking back lost pets. My sincerest wish is that the hope once rekindled should never die down.

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