National Canine Cancer Foundation has a new generation of supporters!

Baby Becca discovers the National Canine Cancer Foundation reminder band

Baby Becca discovers the NCCF reminder band

There are a lot of wonderful volunteers and friends that donate their time to doing the little things that keep the NCCF running.  One of my great joys in being a part of this Foundation is meeting all our new found friends and keeping in touch with them as we fight the good fight.  I very much enjoy receiving emails on what’s going on in people’s lives and how the Foundation touches them.  I want to share a recent email I received from one of our long time friends and volunteers, Vicki.  Vicki sends out all of our memorial cards with great love and respect for each one she sends.  We are so thankful for her time and effort.

Last February, Vicki became a Grandma to a wonderful baby girl named Becca!  Since she has been born we’ve been getting updates about Baby Becca and her encounters with Grandma Vicki’s dogs.  At a year old now, Becca has five words, Mama, Dadda, Hi, Gram and doggie!  Her most recent update has come in and she is learning the concept of ‘on’ and ‘off’.  And what better way to learn the concept than to use an NCCF reminder band! So, Becca and Gram put the bracelet ON and Becca and Gram take the bracelet OFF.  You can bet the next time the NCCF does an event in Phoenix that we will have to get Becca a shirt just her size and she can come to the booth and demonstrate ON and OFF, so people will know how to wear their reminder bands well.  Also, Becca is a pretty good model to show how good you could look supporting the NCCF with a reminder band too!

Becca has grown up in her one year of life thus far knowing her Grandma’s dogs.  And already, Becca has been touched by canine cancer, even if she doesn’t know it yet.  Late last year, Vicki lost her heart dog, Princess Tessie.  So, it’s never to early to start a new generation of supporters and Vicki is doing her part.  Thank you so much for your support, Vicki!

Princess Tessie with Becca and Laila

Vicki and Princess Tessie showing. I just see their true love.

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