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Lotto donates his birthday to canine cancer research!

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
Lotto enjoying his Birthday cake with Mom, sister Flyer and foster brother Max

Lotto enjoying his Birthday cake with Mom, sister Flyer and foster brother Max

Every year for his birthday, Lotto hosts a party at K-9 Playtime and instead of gifts, he requests donations to go to a worthy cause. This year Lotto turned 10 and decided that his birthday gifts would go to the National Canine Cancer Foundation in memory of a number of his friends who were lost to cancer.  He worked for his whole birth month to raise funds for NCCF and he raised $535.00!

Raffle for the birthday fund raiser to beat canine cancer

Raffle for the birthday fund raiser to beat canine cancer!

Fun was had by all at the birthday party!  There was a raffle, a dog wash and of course birthday cake!  Lotto was good enough to share his cake with his sister and foster brother too!

Lotto is picking out his raffle items

Lotto is picking out his raffle items

Lotto's friends who he raised funds in memory of...

Lotto's friends who he raised funds in memory of...

I love what Lotto’s Mom Marla wrote as she closed the letter  - “Let’s kick that cancer in the BUTT!”  You bet we will Marla!  We believe that “Together, We are the Cure” and you and Lotto and friends have just become part of the cure for cancer in dogs!

Lotto’s friends who were lost to cancer:

In loving memory of :

Ruby Johnson

Winny Weidner

Princess Sunny and Toaster Gamoke

Stella and Mac Mallo

Nathan and Q Timm


You can see more birthday party pictures here. And here is what was written about Lotto on his Birthday invitation:


MACH ARPH Big Lottery Winner 6674

Therapy Dog Extraordinarie

DEAD Man Walking at one and 1/2

Now gracious host at his own doggy daycare with full staff

Agility Champion Lotto, Ambassador of all things rescue

Changed the COURSE of life for hundreds, and me TOO


So for his birthday, here’s the plan!

I talked a little further to Lotto’s Mom because the invitation had me curious about this sweet fund raising boy and here is her answer:

Lotto was sold by his original family to a 2nd family who kept him tied out all day and ultimately surrendered him 6 months later as “a problem barker” to a high kill shelter. He was on death row when Aussie Rescue “sprung” him. He spent a few weeks in foster care where his foster mom’s Vet commented that he was THE nicest dog she had EVER brought him!

My soul mate, miniature schnauzer picked him out as HER pet and SO he came home with us in November. We were the fifth place he lived and he was only 1 1/2!

We lived in a townhouse with no yard and HE, understandably, was TOTALLY reactive on leash due to spending most of his life on the end of one! We sought out trainers, animal communicators, tried every piece of equipment, read any book we could find and ultimately came to the conclusion that he would never be able to leave the house.  But through it all he was, and remains the single most beautiful soul I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  We just didn’t know HOW to help him.

My agility teacher and friend said bring him to class and we will work through it. He took right to agility and soon forgot about anyone else in the room when it was HIS turn to run.

Not too long after that, we openned him his very OWN doggy daycare. He is great with other dogs OFF leash.  Too bad the world cant always be leash free.

He became Uncle Lotto to all the puppies while they crawled over his head and tried to catch him when he was playing ball. Visiting dogs could eat his food, take his bones, toys, sleep in his bed whAtever, he has always been a gracious host.

If he felt a dog was playing too roughly with one of HIS charges, he would literally hurl himself accross the room to put himself between the offender and HIS puppies.

Lotto has never met a person he didnt love. So we took a class and whaddaya know, he was certified as a therapy dog.  We began working with autistic children and watching him with these kids was AMAZING! He would walk into the classroom, look around and walk right up to the kid that needed him that day.  One day, one of his kids had a meltdown and the teacher was walking him out of the room, I asked if he wanted to pet Lotto before he left and he nodded yes.  He ran his hand through Lotto’s fur and pretty soon he was telling me all about HIS dog. By the time we were done he was able to return to the group activity.  I brought him a laminated picture of Lotto so whenever he needed he could “pet” Lotto and feel better. I cried for two days after that incident.  Lotto is simply the single most generous soul ever.

Around the same time we found a positive reward based trainer and that’s when it all came together for us.  She taught ME how to help him and manage his “outbursts” so that he could go places and do things….including competing in agility at the highest level in various venues.

Several years ago he and I were out walking when a car hit me in the middle of an intersection. I screamed and mustve rolled over the hood before hitting the ground. Lotto sat perfectly still while all the neighbors ran out, the fire department came and took me away to the hospital.  He sat right there at my side.  When I came home a week later, NON weight bearing for SIX weeks he took up his vigil at my side and would only leave his post to eat and go outside.

He is my MAIN man, the most wonderful man EVER!  I cry when I think of what he had to overcome to get to where he is today and how he took it ALL in stride as we shopped trainer to trainer, took some very bad advice, made a lot of mistakes and he never batted an eye always ready to play whatever game we were playing that day!

He is MY hero, and as the saying goes, I only wish I could be more like the person my dog thinks I am.

Because of him I got involved in rescue and through the daycare we have fostered and rehomed hundreds of dogs. He has helped us help so many other people and dogs who have met him and been inspired to try to work things out with their own pets, I cant tell you HOW many people have adopted Aussies after meeting him, including two of my closest friends who are now on their 3rd Aussie rescue. Because of HIM our motto has become that NO nice dog should die for lack of space and at one point we had EIGHTEEN  rescues staying at the daycare for a week, all because of him

Because of him we have all learned things we never would have known to even seek out and like a snowball rolling it has radiated outward and now, after 6 years in business and 8 years of living with him we couldn’t even begin to count how many lives he has touched.

Hope that answers your questions. If not, ask me, I could and DO go on and on and ON about my most BEAUTIFUL boy.

Several of the dogs we lost last year were good friends of Lotto’s and AGAIN, because of HIM, we decided to dedicate his birthday month to raising money for research. Lotto did tricks for donations, shared his office, beds, bones and mom with any who needed in their final days.  Because of all that I learned just HOW lucky I am with the statistics as shocking as they are.

And basically because of him I have the life I have, being with dogs every day, helping people and their beloved fur kids from puppyhood to the final day when we have accompanied many of them to the Vet when the time came to let go.

Because of him, I am the person I am today, which is not even half of the “person” Lotto is.

Had it not been for Lotto I may never had actually taken the leap to openning my own daycare where he reigns supreme as a gracious host and head of the welcome committee.

Marla L.