The German Shorthair Pointer Club of Middle Tennessee raises over $4500 for Chase Away K9 Cancer

Cera, Martha and Stacy

The GSP club of Middle Tennessee invited Cera to join in on the fun of raising over $4500 for Chase Away

I have just returned from a wonderful long weekend spent with my friends with the GSP Club of Middle Tennessee attending their Agility Trial. My dear friends Martha & Stacy asked me to attend and help raise donations and WOW did we ever. The generosity of these great folks was amazing, from donating if their pups did well or if they didn’t they gave and gave. One of the funniest things was the judges of the trial volunteered to have Whip Cream Pie’s thrown at them which raised over $800 just for that. The tally for the weekend went over $4500. THANK YOU ALL for sharing the love you have for your dogs with Chase Away.
Happy tails till we meet again…..

Cera Reusser
Founder, Chase Away K9 Cancer

Judges before the Pies Fly

The good natured judges before the pies started to fly!

Chase Away K9 Cancer Fund raiser

Pie Flying strategy session

Chase Away K9 Cancer Fund Raiser

Judges post pies in the eyes and they are all smiles!

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