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Dog Breed Center

Welcome to the Canine Breed Center

In the breed center you are able to learn all about the most popular dog breeds, including their history, temperaments, personality, grooming needs, and much more. Get started by searching the featured breeds below, or you can even sort by the breed's name, group category, or by their characteristics.

Featured Breeds

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs make one of the best companion dogs in the world. They are small, easy to handle and are generally well behaved around new people and other animals.

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Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers have energy to spare and are not well suited for couch potatoes. They are also rather large and clumsy, so apartments are not the best living arrangements.

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Boxer Dog Breed

Boxers may look like imposing figures from afar, but up close and personal they are playful and loving family companions. Often dubbed the Peter Pan of dogs, Boxers are highly energetic.

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German Shepherd

German Shepherds can be as energetic as they are large, although they should be of even disposition and unflappable, with a restrained, composed and confident temperament.

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