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Dog Care Center

The Basic Care and Nutrition Center provides information for everyday "canine parent" type questions. The topics covered in this center relate more to a pet's basic needs along with helpful nutritional information.

Top Basic Care and Nutrition Guides

Adopting a Dog

The decision to adopt any animal requires much thought and commitment of time, space, resources and affection. If you are thinking about adopting a puppy or adult dog, here are some considerations to keep in mind.Puppies normally require significantly more attention than do older dogs.

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Dog Oral Care

While many of us may object to our pet's bad breath, we should pay attention to what it may be telling us. Bad breath is most commonly an indication that your dog is in need of a dental check up, though it can also signify a more serious underlying condition.Some dogs are prone to periodontal disease, a pocket of infection between the tooth and the gum.

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Getting a Puppy

Bringing a new puppy into the house can be a chaotic and exciting moment for both you and the puppy. The first 48 hours with your new puppy can sometimes be overwhelming; this experience is a lot like bringing a new little toddler into your home for the first time.

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Vitamins and Dogs

We all want our dogs to live healthy and long lives, and so we do all that we can to ensure that our dogs are as healthy as they can be. In the last decade vitamins for dogs have emerged on the pet market, and these products are intended to keep dogs in tip top shape.

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Dog Grooming

Proper coat care is the mainstay of grooming. However, given the huge variety in coat types, length and texture, there is no simple way to provide a generalized "guide" to grooming. Most companion dogs do fine with a regular brushing every week or two, which helps to manage shedding and distribute natural oils from the skin.

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Dog Obesity

Obesity is defined as an increase of over 20% above the optimum body weight. Reasons for this include a more confined and sedentary lifestyle for pets, availability of highly-palatable, energy dense pet foods and treats, and a strong human-animal bond which leads to overfeeding and snacking.

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Dog Etiquette

To meet and greet dogs properly in a city, it is important to talk to the owner first. Once the dog's owner has given permission, it's time to follow doggy manners and politely introduce your self to the dog. Dog lovers may have an irresistible temptation to run up to dogs and say hello, but the dog's owner may not always appreciate the extra attention.

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Dog Paw Care

Unhealthy paws will not only interfere with your dog's ability to walk, but painful paws may also lead to behavioral problems and long term effects on the bones and muscles of the paws and legs. Without healthy paws, the quality of the dog's life is also severely harmed.

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Dog Vaccines

Vaccines contain viruses, bacteria or other disease-causing organisms that have been killed or altered so that they can no longer cause disease. Newer vaccines may contain genetically engineered components derived from those disease agents. When given to an animal, vaccines will stimulate the body's immune system to form disease fighting cells and proteins (known as antibodies) to protect against the disease.

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Dog Boarding

When we leave our dogs at a boarding kennel, we tell ourselves that surely they will miss us terribly, as we miss them. However, unless your dog has a cognitive disorder, it is unlikely that he will forget you while you are away.Anyone who has worked at a veterinary clinic or boarding kennel can attest to the fact that dogs miss their owners when they are boarded.

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