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FAQ about Local Chapters

1) What is meant by 'establishing relationships with businesses within the community'?

It always helps when running fundraisers to get local businesses involved.  It is a way of bringing new customers to the businesses and raising money for the NCCF  There are various ways of involving businesses in local chapter fundraising.  One is to have a small or large pet fest.  You get a location in a park or even a parking lot of a strip mall and you get alot of the local pet businesses to set up booths.  And you get the local rescues to set up booths and you get the performance lure course, local agility, disc dog, fly ball, and other dog sport clubs to come and do demonstrations or have an event that those attending can participate in with their dogs.  All of this is designed to attract people with dogs to come to the event which is to benefit canine cancer.  And of course when these people come there to see all of the dog businesses and rescue groups in the area.  This will be good for the local chapter and for those vendors who participate.  Streams of revenue come from raffles, a small vendor booth charge, splitting revenue with events such as the Lure course or Agility.    Another way to involve local businesses is by having them host an event, again, bringing business their way or by donating prizes to your raffles or auctions.

2) What is meant by 'run consistent events and duties'?

This means to have at least two events per year.  Yes, attending local events (dog walks, rescue fairs, pet fests, dog shows) with a booth is a key component for a local chapter.  A coordinator needs to be up to date on what is happening in their area and try to attend as many as possible to keep awareness about canine cancer in their community as well as awareness of the local chapter.  There should be a lot of events that you can attend where you can have more than just a donation jar.  You should be able to set up an EZ up tent and a table with a sign plus so that you may sell some of the Pink Paw product.  We do a lot of small events like this.  And if it is a dog event, then you should be able to have a dog at the table.  We always have dogs unless it is an event where dogs are not allowed.  Examples of these would be seminars and such.

3) Would I/we need to get a 501c3 certificate or would a 'chapter' fall under your certificate? What about a Tax ID Number?

No all local chapters operate under the National Canine Cancer Foundation's 501(c)(3) and federal tax EIN number.  All donations are handled in the following way: 
All checks are made out to the National Canine Cancer Foundation and after the event mailed to the national office.

All credit cards are processed via the main merchant account for NCCF. We will show you how to do this.

All cash donations are accounted for and then converted to a cashier's check and mailed to us.

4) Do you provide any type of educational materials to be handed out at events? If so how would we get them?

We will supply you will all the brochures and specific product if needed for an event.  You just need to give us lead time to have it taken care of.   Some times you can get some of the donated or get a special rate from a local printer for events that require additional printing, such as a Casino night or original event.  In that case, you will work out the deal and if funding is needed for it, the national office will contact your vendor and make the payment.

5) What are scheduled events - events you schedule or ones that we would schedule?

Scheduled events are the ones the local chapter schedules.

6) What about merchandise to sell at events - esp. logo items - how would we go about purchasing them?

We will supply you will all the merchandise to sell at the events.  And again, if there is a special shirt or item that is unique to the event, we will take care of creating it, as long as it makes financial sense to do so.

7) On the Coordinator Questionnaire pages, it states you must be 21 or older to be a coordinator; what about regular volunteers - can they be teens?

The age requirement is only for the coordinator.  Volunteers can be under 21.  In fact, teenagers make great volunteers and are encouraged to participate in events.  We have had grammar school kids put on events at their school that have done extremely well.

8) Where can I send donation checks?

Mail to:
National Canine Cancer Foundation, Inc.
40 N. Central Ave, Suite 1400
Phoenix, AZ 85004


9) Do you provide funding for treatment OR Where can I go to get funding for cancer treatment for my dog? and


10) Who can I contact regarding Grant Proposals and grant related questions?

Email Grant Proposal questions to:

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