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The National Canine Cancer Foundation is a nationwide, contribution funded, 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem in dogs by funding grants for the scientific efforts of cancer researchers who are working to save lives, find a cure, find better treatments, find more accurate, cost effective, diagnostic methods in dealing with cancer, and diminishing dogs’ suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service.


Donations & Comments

Donor Amount Comment
Pauline Stuart $30 "You and Porter are never far from our thoughts, Mandy. Lots of love from Pauline & Cato xxx",
Mollie Grojean $100 "Sending love to you Mandy from Brutus!",
Karen Bradshaw $30 "Missing Porter and his adventures. Love Barney and Oscar. xx",
Gaie Jones $20 "Missing Porter's smiling face as you go on your adventures together, Mandy. With love from Harvey's family❤️",
Julianna S Wahlmeier $50 "In honor of Porter and in hope of a cure. Julianna_SF",
Susan Lahti $50 "Loved watching your adventures. Hated hearing of his death. He is still with us through your blogs.",
Barbara Weaver $20 "We loved following Porter and your adventures Mandy! Hope our donation helps! Sherman and Barbara",
Mandy Farrar $200 "I miss you my sweet boy. There were 200 #nosesforporter on Instagram, I am donating $1 for each nose. Thank you everyone for your support and love.",
Robin Clark $100 "Let's work to find a way for our beloved Berners to live longer. Cancer is taking them much, much too soon.",
Teri Fuhrer $100 "Love you Porter!!!",
Maria Hopgood $25 "We're rooting for your Porter! Love Cullowhee & family.",
Casey Monnier $100 "Sending all positive wishes for sweet Porter. What an amazing pair you two make. Thanks for taking initiative for the greater cause. Much Love, Dave and Casey (and the Brewer Veterinary Clinic)",
Mary Whited $25 "Great Job Mandy!!",
Carla Buchanan $25 "Congrats on your big hike Mandy and Porter!! Keep on sticking it to cancer!!!",
anonymous $5
Debra Edwards $50 "I love you guys. You inspire me every day. So glad for our friendship.",
Nanook Tuefferd $50 "Way to Go Porter and Mandy - You are inspirational!! With Love, Nanook and Erin Tuefferd",
Nancy Wadhams $50
Phillip LaFlamme $20 "Go Porter, Berner Strong!",
Kartika Wright $50 "In support of Mandy and Porter! Hiking against canine cancer! KICKASS!",
Rebecca Young $20 "The weather is perfect hiking weather! Strength to you both!",
Christine Rohlfing $50
Sandi Read $25 "Rock on, Porter!",
Tracy Haskell $25 "Thinking of you and Porter .... best of companions.",
Cindy Russell $50 "Have a blast on your hike, sniff sniff, wiggle, wiggle from Winger and Brookie!!! Xoxo",
Regina Chiu $50 "Kick doggie cancer's butt!!",
Jennifer Verstreken $25 "I lost my Bear to mast cell in 2011. Reading Porter's progress has been hard for me, even on his good days. This may be the beginning of healing for me as well. Kick cancer's ass Porter! Woof!",
Louise Cunningham $20 "Sending love to you and Porter!",
Victoria Giuffre $20 "Keep up the amazing progress Porter!! Prayers, Berner bumps, and so much love!!! :)",
Patty Bryan $25 "Go Mandy and Porter! Patty&Matt",
Angela Kaiser $20 "Enjoy whatever you have left with all you have! I wish I could do the same! Safe travels....do you Have a trail name??? If I can time it right they'll be a special painting for you to see when you get home! God speed.....",
Lynn Cummings $25 "Have a great hike Mandy and Porter!!",
Jennie Marvelle $10 "Good luck, Porter! Kick Cancer's @$$!!!",
Candice Irvine $25
Colleen Kingery $25 "Love of love from Colleen, Tom, Abby and Charlie!",
Anya Wittenborg $100 "You guys are an inspiration!",
Beth McLaughlin $25 "Love Ya Porter !",
Adena Andersen $200 "Anything for Porter!",
Kristina Hogan $30 "You are an inspiration Porter! Much love to you and your Mom!",
Kathryn Laustsen $50 "Titus donates to this great cause, to support your and Porter's hike and his fight against cancer!",
Mike Wolfgram $25
Aaron Leff $100
Laura Hunt $25 "Porter you're the best! (Have more prayers than money). Hunter sends WOOF!",
Mary Farrar $50 "Porter Rocks! Love Grammy!!!",
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