About the NCCF:

The National Canine Cancer Foundation is a nationwide, contribution funded, 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem in dogs by funding grants for the scientific efforts of cancer researchers who are working to save lives, find a cure, find better treatments, find more accurate, cost effective, diagnostic methods in dealing with cancer, and diminishing dogs’ suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service.


Donations & Comments

Donor Amount Comment
Raelynn Zappulla $151 "Thank you to all that gave cash donations!",
Sue Schimmelbusch $20
Daniel Rosa $20
Donna Cumbo $20
Kerri King $40
Adrienne Arena $25 "In memory of Austin and Sophie!",
Garrett Spangler $15 "Good luck Raelynn, I know you'll do Sophie proud!",
Jehan-Ara Khan $25 "This is a really beautiful thing you're doing. Love and support you guys 100%!",
Amy Bedford $60
Ryan and Kristin O'Connor $100 "We lost our very sweet and very loved Boxer, Tucker, the same way. Thank you for bringing this foundation to our attention, it will certainly become a cause near and dear to our hearts. Good luck!",
David Loring-Lee $10
Jarrod Holzman $50
Michael Wiggle $50 "For the doggies!!!!",
Kristen Bartoli $25
Karen Koppett $25 "Viva Raelynn!!! Go go go!!! We'll be cheering you on from CA! Karen, David and Posey. :)",
Vicki Cuneo $35 "My donation is in Sophie's honor, and also in memory of my eight-year-old BT, Spike, who fought a valiant fight against cancer of the jaw. He left us May 10,2010. He was a precious gift and opened our eyes to the prevalence of cancer in dogs.",
Alexander Zola $20
Aditya Muzumdar $21
Nicole Solis $50 "In honor of my beloved Boston Terrier Frankie who passed away this past November of liver cancer. Thank you so much for doing this. You girls rock!!!",
Kyle Bransfield $50 "Best of luck!",
Ryan Mammele $25
Keith Williams $10 "Good luck!",
Dianne Williams $25 "Your love for Sophie is inspiring........Best of luck with the run! Have fun!",
Bill Jensen $15
Don Reed $15
Scott Williams $125 "So proud of you!",
Silas Thomas $25 "Good Luck with the fund raiser and I hope you surpass your goal. Silas Thomas",
Allison Adams $15
Brian Pietropaolo $5
anonymous $25
Daniel Sundt $25
Jeremy Finn $25
Patricia Bentz $20 "On behalf of Sophie and all the dogs who have or are battling canine cancer, we owe it to them to find out what can be done to prevent cancer from occurring in the first place.",
Rosmarie Kelly $25 "Sorry for your loss. Thank you for using your experience to benefit others.",
Cynthia Kaiser $25
Alexis Lubianetsky $35 "From one Bugg owner/enthusiast to another. Run free, Sophie.",
Nicole Puzio $20
Kate Hogentogler $25 "good luck girls! what a great cause!",
Manil Patel $100
Conshohocken Physical Therapy $50
Robert Hawkey $100
Robin Leone $25
Robert & Jeanne Hanna $40
Wayne Garrett $50
Brooke Dougherty $20
Michelle Peeples $25 "I heard about this via the podcast, The Walking Deadcast. Hope this helps toward your goal. This is a wonderful thing you are doing. Best of luck!",
Alexandra Torban $40
Jason Cabassi $25 "Think it's really great that you're putting energy into this after what happened. Awesome :)",
Christina Vanderpool $25 "I lost my dog this year to cancer. She was given 6 month to live when she was first diagnosis. She battle cancer for 2 year after her diagnosis, but sadly she couldn't win anymore. We had to make the horrible decision to end her suffering. Was not a fun way to start the year. I make a donation in her name Passion, our beagle, my husband and I first love. :-)",
Robert Gebhardt $25 "Sophie was an awesome dog! You certainly gave her an amazing life! Good luck with the new pup!",
Brett Fowler $50
Karen Koppett $25 "Love and good thoughts from Karen (from The Walking Deadcast) :)",
Joshua Karstendick $25
hilde kinder $25
Meridith Osifchin $60 "love and miss you always lil pnut bbdog. xoxoxo m, andy and dakota.",
Lori Horchos $25 "Dogs are angels that leave paw prints on our hearts until we see them again in heaven.",
Stephanie Hayes $20 "From one dog lover to another. The pup and I wanted to contribute a little something. Love always Stefe and Mia",
Holly St Pierre - Johns $25 "Best of luck! We lost our scottish terrier Bonnie to an oral melanoma. She will be another little angel watching over you as you run.",
Rachel Uffner $25 "Good luck ladies!!!",
Jessica Rishel $40 "In honor of little Sophie! You brought so much happiness and so many smiles to all of us. We miss you!",
Elizabeth Pagonis $25
Kelly Phillips Erb $50 "In memory of little Sophie from the other office dog, Lyle.",
Kelly Phillips Erb $100 "Go Raelynn! From the whole Erblaw team.",
Deirdra Maloney $10 "Good luck and I hope you reach your goal. What a great thing you guys are doing! Deirdra and Delia",
Jennifer Miller $20
Christina DeAnne $50 "Good Luck Raelynn! You are such an inspiring and strong person. Sending love and kisses to Sophiebug! -Christina and Penny Lane",
Cristina Truitt $20 "This donation is made not only in Sophie's memory, but in the memory of all the wonderful dogs who have touched my life and unfortunately left us too early. I wish I could give more. Best of luck with the run, and the possible new fur baby!",
Eva Nasilowski $25 "In Loving memory of my best friend, Ben Love 7/18/2008 - 6/18/2012. I miss you everyday.",
Melissa Caputo $20 "Good luck, girls! Sophie will be smiling and cheering you on from doggy heaven!",
Terry Reese $10 "Sorry I couldn't give more but I will of course support my favorite childhood softball mate. I will be running a half marathon in May, so I send all my positive running vibes your way. I have dogs myself and I couldn't image losing them. Good luck with your efforts. Its a great cause! :)",
Sharon Sweeney $75
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