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Organizational Staff

Gary D. Nice – Founder, Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

It was on January 14th, that I lost my beautiful Bailey, a loving Golden Retriever. It was three days after Bailey’s 8th birthday. I had to put Bailey to sleep because of an advanced case of cancer that caused him to go from a strong, active loving dog to a dog who looked at me with such eyes that said, please help me it is my time. I did not know there was anything wrong with him. He didn’t act any different until one day, his cornea was red and we found out he was hemorrhaging in his eye because his blood pressure was 238. A dog with a blood pressure of 200 is hemorrhaging. He could not see out of that eye and on days when the hemorrhaging was bad, he was completely blind in both eyes.

After several weeks of tests and medicine, an X-ray of Bailey lungs showed the cancer had metastasized. His X-Ray looked like a snowstorm. If I only had known of this earlier we may have been able to do something. So for the next month or so, we gave him as much love as possible and practically anything else he wanted. It was a time of spoiling him, loving him and crying, lots of crying.

Anyone who knows me was aware of how special Bailey was to me. He was my heart dog. We did so much together and he gave everything he could to loving me and being my friend.

I am still hurting from his loss. I don’t know if I will ever forget that moment when we put him to sleep, and I was holding onto him at the Vet’s, loving him, kissing him and telling him I am so sorry and then I felt him go limp in my arms.

When I found out that Bailey had cancer, I was devastated. I began trying to find somewhere or somehow to save him, even though they said it was at a very advanced stage and there was no hope. He was only 8 years old; he had so much of his life ahead.

I found out how much work needed to be done to fight cancer in dogs and how many dogs were dying every day, many prematurely, to cancer.

It was at this point that I swore to myself that I would dedicate the rest of my life, and resources, to finding a cure to these cancers that are killing our dogs. Since then we have lost two more of our goldens. Our sweet Ashby who I swear was more human than dog. You could just seem him thinking. He was only 9 years old. And our sweet, gentle Duncan who had the greatest face. When he looked at you, it always made you smile. We found out after he was gone how much of our lives and our other dogs lives were manage by him. He was our clock always telling us at 8am and 5 pm that it was time to eat. He was only 6 years old. We miss them all so much.

This is for you Bailey, Ashby, Duncan and Casey. Three dogs lost to Cancer in three years. Click here for Bailey's Story.

Information on Gary Nice:

Gary is a member of the board of directors. He is also our President and Chief Executive Officer. His qualifications include graduating with a BS degree in business administration from Arizona State University. In, 1982, he began working in the television and radio business with various companies in Phoenix, AZ and in 1991 became owner, President and CEO of ERN radio network and within three years, the network expanded supply programming to well over a 2000 radio stations across the United States.

In 1994, he was became part owner and President and CEO of Skyview Satellite Networks. Within the first two years of business, he personally negotiated and signed deals to distribute the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, the Houston Rockets, The Phoenix Coyotes of the NHL, the NBA’s Dallas Maverick, the National League baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals.

In 2001, he left Skyview to work with Group One Broadcasting’s Talk ONE network. As President and CEO he created and managed a national 24-hour talk radio. During his tenure at these three companies revenues grew to over 10 million.

Julia Perles - Founder

The head of my household is Calvin the cat. He was brought home from the Humane Society over 13 years ago. He immediately took over my house and my heart.

Holly, my beloved golden retriever, was a gift from a friend. Little did I realize what a wonderful gift I had received. We were inseparable and I instantly knew she was my heart dog. How lucky I am that she was a part of my life for 10 years and in my heart forever.

I also have a golden retriever mix named Genevieve who was found in the desert three years ago. She too has won my heart. Holly immediately allowed Gen to be a part of our family and they became fast friends. I see a lot of Holly in Genevieve today, which gives me much happiness.

I lost my sweet Holly suddenly to cancer. Holly was and always will be my heart dog. She was an amazing companion to me. I am so lucky to have had her in my life, as short as it was. From the moment she came into my life we seemed to be joined at the hip as our special, one of a kind bond was formed. She went everywhere with me. I was even fortunate enough to be able to bring her to work with me. I don’t think we were separated for more than two months during her entire life. She knew me like the back of her paw as I knew her like the back of my hand.

Holly stopped eating at the end of October 2005. A battery of tests was performed; all proved negative. An ultra sound was then done on Thursday, November 3rd. Holly was diagnosed with an advanced stage of intestinal lymphoma. It was the most devastating news I could have imagined. I was determined to do whatever it took to try to beat this cancer and keep Holly with me for as long as possible.

Holly and I met with an oncologist on Monday, November 7. She immediately had her first chemotherapy treatment. She seemed to do ok throughout the week, but took a turn for the worse on the following Sunday. Holly could barely walk and the look in her eyes told me she had suffered enough. Holly and I said our goodbyes on November 13, 2005 at 3:00 in the afternoon.

I always told myself, long before any of this happened; that I would NEVER let any of my beloved animals suffer. Though I believe in my heart I did the right thing, having Holly put to sleep was the hardest decision I ever made.

I took great care of Holly. In spite of carefully monitoring her health, scheduling regular veterinarian visits and timely vaccinations, providing a good diet and lots of exercise, and loving her with all my heart, the cancer still wasn’t detected early enough to help Holly. I still wonder what I might have done to find the cancer before it was so advanced. Would Holly and I still be together if the cancer had only been detected earlier?

Not a day passes that I don’t shed a tear because Holly is not physically beside me, but not a minute goes by that I don’t feel her presence all around me. She will always be in my heart and she will always make me smile… I miss her terribly and love her still.

This is for you Holly

Information on Julia Perles:

Julia Perles is a member of the board of directors. She is also our Secretary and Chief Operating Officer. Her qualifications include graduating with a BS degree in physical education from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, CA. In January 1989, she began working for Fitness Consulting, Inc. in Irvine California. She was in charge of the fitness testing and consultations, conducting seminars and fitness related programs for various city governments throughout Southern, California including several Fire Departments and Police Departments. In 1991, she became part owner of CMC Custom Gifts in Scottsdale, Arizona. She managed 30 employees throughout her career at CMC. She helped the company grow from $700,000 / year to over $6 million / year. She now operates the Resourceful Bean a national company

Sara Nice – Founder

In January, 2006, I suddenly lost Bailey to cancer. Bailey had just turned 8 years old, it was one of his good days. My husband has already told Bailey’s story up above. Bailey’s swift turn down hill and early death has had a great effect on me and my family. There is a huge hole in my heart that misses Bailey daily. What Gary didn’t tell you about Bailey is that he was our first show dog champion. Not only a champion, but one who loved to show and showed his way into the Show Dog Hall of Fame. If you were to meet Gary in person, he would just smile with great joy as he told you of all the awards that Bailey won and how he liked to sit in his lap and watch TV with him. I loved to watch the goof ball swim. Actually, it wasn’t swimming, it was more like standing on the side trying to get the balls to come to him! I loved standing out in the back yard and seeing him charge toward me so that he could have some love on a beautiful Arizona afternoon. And now, we miss him terribly and wanted to do something to honor him and to help other families not have to go through the terrible journey we went through.

What affects me most was that we had absolutely no warning that Bailey was in danger. He was a very happy go lucky couch potato that just loved life and oranges. He started with an eye problem in December and it took the vets a month to find out that what was causing his problems was cancer. We were getting ready to accept that we would have a blind dog and were coming to terms with that, when they noticed his blood pressure was high and finally started to look internally for the cause. The morning we found out, we had dropped Bales off to have a chest x-ray and an ultrasound which we were told would take ½ day. We were called back within the hour to see the horrible snow storm x-ray that said it was cancer. Once it was diagnosed they said there was nothing they could do because it wasn’t caught in time.

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