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Awarding our Seal of Approval and Seal of Excellence

The National Canine Cancer Foundation is committed to finding cures and new treatments for cancer in dogs. And as part of our commitment, we want to award companies and individuals who have gone above and beyond in their desire to consider the complete, holistic well being of pets in the operation of their company and within their products and/or services or with their actions as an individual.

The National Canine Cancer Foundation will award both our Seal of Approval and our Seal of Excellence. These are award based on the set of criteria listed below:

Criteria for Seal of Approval

This will be given to companies that are taking additional steps to creating a product that based on the following criteria:

  1. Products used in manufacturing should be of high quality, natural when applicable. Food products should be developed by experts in pet nutrition, such as holistic veterinarians
  2. If food product, high quality, natural when applicable ingredients distribution channels should be limited to ensure proper freshness
  3. Products should be tested extensively (ie: toys, tools) to ensure they will not break during use and potentially harm pet
  4. Manufacturing should be done with flexibility--if a problem is discovered with materials or ingredients, the company should be willing to remove that item quickly and change it if found necessary
  5. Should be easy to speak directly with knowledgeable product representatives or management regarding items sold
  6. Items sold by the company should have money-back guarantee
  7. Feedback and questions by customers should be encouraged by company

Criteria for NCCF Seal of Excellence

This will be awarded to very few select companies and/or individual and is based on our most extensive criteria. Here are our criteria for a company or individual being awarded the NCCF Seal of Excellence.

  1. First meet all the criteria for the NCCF Recommended approval
  2. Have some effect, direct or indirect, on the disease of cancer in animals
  3. Stand out in some way. i.e. innovation, creativity, compassion, delivery, humane relationships
  4. Go beyond normal company communications and marketing to educate the public about cancer in animals.
  5. Go beyond normal company communications and marketing to educate the veterinary medical profession.
  6. Philanthropically gives to cancer prevention organizations in some way.
  7. In general, beyond profit motive, take actions that raise both awareness and the level of science in animal oncology.

Our criteria and the selection of recipients for both the Seal of Approval and our Seal of Excellence was a concerted effort by the management of the NCCF along with our review board consisting of experts in Pet Health, Pet Foods, Pet Product and other Pet Related services.

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