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Read About The Lance Memorial Fund

The Lance Memorial – Canines for the Cure is a NADAC agility trial to raise funds for canine cancer research. All proceeds from this event go to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. In its first four years, The Lance Memorial – Canines for the Cure event has raised over $50,000 for the National Canine Cancer Foundation!

This fundraiser is sponsored by Agility Addicts and Rover Fanatics (AARF), an agility club based in Raleigh, NC.

The Lance Fund wishes to thank their major sponsors:

  • The NADAC organization for waiving all of their fees for this event
  • The NADAC judges who have donated their time
  • Valerie Olszyk of Pet Behavior Help (Chapel Hill, NC) for donating the trial site in honor of ADCH, NATCh2 Lacey, lost to hemangiosarcoma.

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